Cleaning Services For Landlords.

Landlords and letting agents are increasingly faced with dirty or sometimes even damaged properties at the check-out stage with their tenants. Many tenants fail to keep their property clean and time and time again we see filthy kitchens and bathrooms and much more besides. Tenants rarely treat their rented property in the same way as they would a property they own themselves.

Here at Lancaster Cleaning Company we offer letting agents and landlords piece of mind that when your next tenant is due to move into your property it will be looking like new.

Our end of tenant cleaning service is much more than you would want to do yourself with a simple duster, cloth, mop & bucket. It’s a full top to bottom cleaning package designed especially for rented properties.

Many tenants fail to leave your property in the same condition when they first arrived and entered the property. Unfortunately many tenants have not kept your property in the clean state you would expect it to be kept in. Stained and marked carpets, Dirty kitchen, greasy oven, Scuffs and marks on a wall, Broken light and bathroom fittings, thick dust & cobwebs, particularly around furniture and on the ceilings and much more besides.

That’s why here at The Lancaster Cleaning service we have a number of End of Tenancy cleans specially designed for landlords of property.

Regardless of the amount of rooms in your property we are able to offer a professional service and competitive prices.

Your tenants have the right to receive a clean and hygienic property when they move in, but equally they must also ensure the standard of your property is maintained for the remainder of their tenancy. Sadly, from many years’ experience we know this is not always the case.

Our Landlord Cleaning Services include:

We will empty all the cupboards and shelves and remove any unwanted items, cleaning both the inside and out until it looks like new. We will clan the oven and hob. we all know that If an oven is not cleaned often, it builds up thick layers of grime, burnt food deposits, grease and household dust.

In your Living room – we will clean any cabinets, bookshelves and TV set. Returning to a state your tenants would expect to find it in. We look for any scuffs or dirty marks on the walls. And If it is not possible to wash them off, we can even arrange to have them painted over with some emulsion of the same colour for you.

If your tenants have hung any pictures or decorations on the walls there are probably a lot of nail holes or marks, again we can look to put this right for you.

All the interior windows in the property will be cleaned and much more besides. That’s why we offer all our customers a fully bespoke end of tenancy clean regardless of the circumstance or condition.

We can even offer services for your garden and exterior of the property if needed.

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